Catfish Pond in the Morning

Aquaculture and pond management educational programs and consultation to cooperative extension and agency personnel, producers, and the public are provided. Programs address freshwater aquaculture, private pond and lake management, fee fishing and aquatic resources education. Outreach efforts include: presentations and programs, field demonstrations, site visits, trouble shooting and diagnostics, publication preparation and review, and attending related conferences and meetings.

Forrest Wynne has worked with both marine and freshwater finfish and shellfish including commercial salmon culture and processing in the Pacific Northwest. He has worked with developing freshwater aquaculture industries in North Carolina and in Kentucky since 1988. Current aquaculture interests include: pond site selection and construction, water quality, harvest technology, processing and marketing. Forrest Wynne has focused on improving recreational fisheries in small southern impoundments since 1985.

Cooperative Extension with the University of Kentucky and Kentucky State University